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Best General Contractor in Bulger PA

 Martin Contracting LLC is a building contractor located in Bulger PA, they specialize in custom homes, garages, pole buildings, and any commercial building project. Martin Contracting strives to give the customer what they want and need without any problems.

 If you want a custom home or garage or whatever, you have come to the right place because  Martin Contracting is the best home builder and roofing and siding expert you can find, they have accomplished many challenging jobs and have met them with ease, so I assure you whatever you want Martin Contracting will be able to do it.

 The services Martin Contracting offers, are custom homes, custom garages, custom pole buildings, roofing, and siding. They also do standing seam, exposed fastener, metal and asphalt shingles roofing, and they also specialize in dutch lap vinyl siding. 

 Areas We Serve

Ohio - Warren, Alliance, New Philadelphia, Cambridge, Marietta, and surrounding area.

Pennsylvania - Hermitage, Clarion, Indiana, Johnstown, Seven Springs, and surrounding area.

 Custom Homes

 Custom homes are hard to write about because they change with every buyer, the design will always be a little bit different, and Martin Contracting LLC specializes in making the building process a good experience and even if you want to change ideas in the middle of building, Martin Contracting LLC will meet it with ease.

 If you want an attached garage or an unattached garage, two kitchens, a guest room, play area, four bathrooms, wraparound porch, large windows, finished basement, walk in attic, whatever you want you got it dude.

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 Custom Garages

 Garages are an important feature to your home because they will either make in look really terrible or really awesome, that is why it is important to go with someone who is an expert in the the field and I would say that Martin Contracting LLC are the experts in the field, they are so good at their jobs that like seriously if you ask them to build you an up-side-down garage they'll say " sure that's like an average Tuesday for us".

 Whatever you want if you want huge doors for maximum accessibility they'll do if you want an extra floor for guests they'll do that to, air conditioning, room for tree cars whatever you want Martin Contracting LLC will make it happen.

prefabricated log cabin garages for sale

 Custom Pole Buildings 

 Do you not have any more room for your awesome projects of you just need more storage whatever the case may be Martin Contracting is the place to call because if you are building a monster truck and you need huge doors they will make it happen.

 If you are a welder you will need a 220 hookup in the garage if you are a mechanic you will need plumbing with a sink if you just want a place to tinker around in they can do whatever you want

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Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

 Exposed metal roofing is a good choice because it is one of the cheaper roofing systems around because the sheets of metal are bigger so they do not have to buy so much material and the work goes much faster and the metal is thinner which make it easier to install

exposed fastener systems 5v crimp 2

 Metal Shingles roofing

 With the look a real slat or shake this roofing system will dramatically increase the looks and appeal of your home. Martin Contracting LLC is so confident in their roofing system that this one has a 50 year transferable warranty, that's almost unheard of in the roofing industry.

oxford shingle 01

 Standing Seam Metal Roofing

 Standing seam metal roofing is a good choice because it has no exposed fasteners which the seals of tend to get old and unseal causing water damage. This roofing system allows the roofing panels to flex with the temperature changes which means your fasteners will never break.

standing seam1

 Asphalt Shingles Roofing

 Shingles roofing is a good system because it is the cheapest one and it is relatively easy to install which means less expense and the usually can be applied very fast. This roofing system is also good because it looks really good and is priced really good for how long it lasts.

asphalt roof

 Elite Rib Panel Roofing

 Martin Contracting was looking for a way to make a roofing system that was stronger then exposed fastener and less expensive then standing seam so they invented Elite rib panel roofing so you do not have to go with the most expensive or the cheapest. 

metal roofing

 If you need a new roof please consider one of the roofing systems mentioned before and we will do our best to make this process as painless as possible. Please get one of these roofing systems your life will be so much easier.


 Standard Vinyl Siding Options

 The siding is the most important part of the home you just built so why not go with the best and the strongest and the one that requires the least amount of maintenance, right? The standard series provides all that and more, with the standard series you will get lasting durability and tensile strength that will last for years to come

white siding double dutch lap

Decorative Siding Options

 If you really want your home to look the greatest in the neighborhood then I would go will the decorative series that bring the quality of your home up and the maintenance down. Also the insulation factor of the decorative series is above the rest because one of the siding types has insulation between the siding, so you know your getting a good deal.

triple dutch lap white siding

Soffit Siding Options

 The soffit series brings your home to a whole another level when it comes to looks and durability. If you want strength and beauty wrapped up in one package then this siding category is the one for you.

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