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You Have Decided to Build Your Dream Home

You are about to begin the process of building a home.  You do your research, and you have found that Martin Contracting LLC is the contractor that you want to build your home.  So let's check out their website at and see what they have done.

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It's time to sit down with Martin Contracting LLC and let them know what you want your new home to look like, and what are the must have's.  Make a list so you don't forget what you really want.  You could put on your list, some of your wishes if they fit your budget

The List

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Let's start with the important things that you MUST have in your new home.  Everyone needs a Kitchen, so what kind of kitchen do you want.  Do you want one that is an open concept so that you can look out through the family room.  So when you are cooking you can still be part of the family.  Do you want an island so that you have a nice big work area to work from?  How about a Pantry?  Or maybe an eat in kitchen?  You know you definitely want a fireplace so on cold winter night you can have a fire and sit around watching a movie and eating popcorn.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom let's keep that on the first floor, so that when we get older we don't have to climb steps.  Of course we want separate walk in closets, and a big bathroom with a soaking tub, and a shower.  Can we say double sinks please?

Working from home?  

Home Office

You are working from home.  That's great.  This means a Home Office is a must have.  If your like me, you need a lot of storage, and bookcases.  So let's have that all built in.  Then you will know where everything is.

Laundry Room / Mud Room

Mud Room
Laundry Room

Your Laundry room needs to be on the main floor, maybe right off the kitchen in the Mud room.  This way your family can put there dirty clothes right in the hamper so that they can get washed.  Without tracking mud all through the house.  Maybe we can put a spot in there so that we can give the dog a bath, without putting the dog into the bathtub!  Not that's a great idea.

The Basement

This should be chosen when you have decided to build your home.  Does your lot allow for a walk out basement?  Or are you going to use your basement for a living area?  Maybe have a second kitchen with a large Family Game Room?  

Basement Kitchen

Since you will have a basement, this would be the perfect place to put your mechanical room.  Hot Water Heater, or On Demand Hot Water Heater.  Your furnace, and Electrical panel.

Basement Family Room

But you will have left over room, so let's turn it into a family room/game room!  Maybe let's add a bedroom and bathroom.



So as you see, we can customize your home for you.  All you need to do is sit down with us and let us know what you want in your home. 

We will do our best to accommodate all of your request, for building your dream home.  This is why we here at Martin Contracting LLC like to sit down with you, and then have plans drawn up.  If you change your mind that you don't like where something is, then we can change it.

Contact Us

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Please feel free to contact us either at our website or give us a call at                  (724) 307-5610  We provide Outstanding Products an unsurpassed service that, together we Deliver Premium value to our customers.

Pole Building Turned into a House Near Bulgar PA

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Custom Styling your Pole Building

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Pole barns homes are easier to build than a traditional home,  Why you ask?  A Pole Barn Hone does not have a basement, so no foundation.  Let's check in with Martin Contracting in Bulger PA

Looking for an alternative to a stick-built home or a modular home?  A Pole Barn Home my be the best fit for you.  Their are so many options out there with an affordable price and modern design.  Before you jump in an start building, it's really important to educate yourself on living in a pole building.

What Makes a Pole Barn Home different from a Conventional Home?

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standing seam roofing

As you may have guessed pole barns are traditionally an agriculture building.  They serve as an affordable building for farmers to store all of their equipment in.  However Pole Barn Homes are taking over.

The main difference between a Pole Barn and a Conventional Home, a Pole Building doesn't have a foundation.  A foundation is one of the biggest cost to building your home.

Technically most modern pole bars fall in the metal building category.  Fun Fact:  There are so many different options to choose from for colors.  These structures are easy to build, and their metal exterior makes them highly durable.  Pole Barn home look just like any other home, but they use Poles instead of a foundation.

The Benefits of a Pole Barn Home

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No load bearing walls.  Unlike a regular house pole barn homes have no load-bearing walls.  This means you can do just about anything you want with the interior of the home.  You're only limited by your imagination when it comes time to customize your home's interior.  This is why you need to sit down with Martin Contracting LLC so that they can help you.

Open Floor Plan

Pole barn homes have an open floor plan, and I do mean open.  You can design the inside of your home anyway that you want to.  Which makes them extremely versatile and easy to customize.  They also feel bigger and more open because of there are fewer interior walls. 

Cheaper to Build

The most obvious benefit to building a pole barn home is that it is far less expensive than a conventional home.  Pole barns require less material to build, they don't have a foundation which is costly.  

Inside Design

new house plans

You can choose where you want to put everything, and you can leave it as open as you want. Now let's talk about the steps in building your pole building.

Steps in Building a Pole Barn


The first step is to prepare the site for you building.  Start by clearing the are (if necessary) removing trees and anything that would prevent you from putting up your structure

At this stage you will want to lay all of the electrical connections as well as thee plumbing.  This means digging a well and putting in your septic in place.

Pouring the Slab

Pouring Concrete

The next step is to pour the concrete slab. The supporting beams must be in place first before you can pour the concrete slab.  Also if you are going to have radiant heat in your floors the tubing must be laid out.  Once your concrete has set, then we can move on.



The next step is to add the framing.  The framing will be attached to the poles that have been set.  At this stage, the pole barn framing is just like what you would find with a conventional home.  

Add the Siding & Roof


Next is the roof and siding.  Doing this is relatively simple and straight forward.  Pick the color of metal that you want and your done.

Once the siding and roof are in place, the exterior of the home will be nearly finished.  This is the step that your windows and doors will be installed.

Building the Interior Walls

Timber Framing

At this stage, the home is starting to come together ans will develop quickly.  So be ready to go things will go quickly here.

Final Stages

expensive garage

The great thing about pole barns homes is that you can place the walls where you want.  Remember none of the  walls are load-bearing.  You will be able to make the rooms as big or as small as you want to.

The only thing to remember is that some of the walls will need to match up with the electrical and plumbing that you had previously plumbed up.

You will get to choose your flooring, and installing cabinets, and put in your bathroom fixtures.  Painting, and add any other finishing touches.

These are just basic steps in building your Pole Barn Home.  This is where Martin Contractors comes in handy to help you design what you want.

The Benefits of Hiring Martin Contractors

a house barn
  1. 1
    Will save you time from doing it yourself
  2. 2
    Experience is on Martin Contractors side
  3. 3
    Proper Planning & design
  4. 4
    Help choose materials and style
  5. 5
    Will help decide additional support when needed

Always remember you need to have proper planning in place so you know what you are getting into.  Martin Contracting LLC will help you through everything step by step.  They will make it an easy process for you, from choosing the size of building to the color of your metal siding to the color of your metal roof.

Contact Us:


Please feel free to reach out to us either on our website at  or you can reach us at (724) 307-5610.  We treat our Clients like they are our family.

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General Contractor in Bulgar PA

Beautiful House

Custom Building a Home

You have decided to have a custom built home; built for you. Martin Contracting LLC is located in Bulgar PA.

You will find that you can find us working in Ohio: Warren, Alliance, New Philadelphia, Cambridge & Marietta and surrounding areas.

Pennsylvania:  Hermitage, Clarion, Indiana, Johnstown, Seven Springs and surrounding areas.

Let's Start Planning

pensil and ruler

You have chosen Martin Contracting LLC to help in this process. They will sit down with you to help put everything into perspective.  Let's sit down with Martin Contracting LLC and start planning your new home.

Will you want an open concept?

open kitchen concept 2

Open concepts are one of the things most people like in their homes.  Families always like to feel included in the day to day routine of their family.

Can you picture a big fireplace in you family/living room, as you are standing in the kitchen preparing meals.  Watching your family play games, or work on homework.

country fireplace

Home Office

home office

Working from home requires an office. Built ins would be great to have along with a desk.  You can face the window and see the bus coming down the road.

Master Bedroom

master bedroom

Where would you like your Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom located?  On the first floor?  Yes let's do that.  We can put it towards the back of the house for privacy, and have less noise.

Walk in closets, do you share one or have a separate one for each of you.  I think the decision has been made to have 2 walk in closets.  Plus it gives us more room.

walk in closet

Master Bathroom

master bathroom

You definitely want to have a separate area for the water closet. Soaking tub is the way to go. Let's put in a walk in shower Definitely want double sinks, and a place to sit and do your hair and makeup.



Your upstairs will have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  One of these bathrooms will be a jack and Jill bathroom.

Bonus Room

bonus room

As you are looking at y our plant for your new home, you realize that there will be wasted space above the garage.  Let's put a room above the garage.  Did you know that some states they call these rooms a F.R.O.G. meaning Family Room Over Garage.  Pretty clever, don't you think.



A 3 car garage is what you have decided on.  This way you will have room for all of your mowers and yard tools in one of the garage spaces.



A walk out basement would be wonderful to have, this way you will be able to walk out in your back yard and enjoy your time under the covered patio.  This way you can watch the kids play and run around.


new two story house plans

No matter what you have decided to build, Martin Contracting LLC is here to help you plan, and show you how your future home will look. As a home owner you will be able to pick out light fixtures, doors, windows, bathroom items, kitchen items. Including your counter tops, drawer pulls and hinges. All the fun stuff,

If at anytime during the build you decide that you need to change something.  No problem we can work with changes.

Vinyl Siding & Roofing 

double 4 0.042 siding thickness
double 4" 0.044 siding thickness
ashpalt roof
oxford shingle

Are we making your head spin yet?  Don't worry we here at Martin Contracting is here to help you with the decision making.  We will guide you thru the process.

Contact Us


Come and check us out at and check out our pictures of previous jobs or you can stop by our Facebook page at Martin Contracting for updated pictures and projects. Feel free to give us a call at (724) 307-5610. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Let's make your house build an easy stress free experience.

Service & Quality

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We are always willing to help you out; after your move in.  If you should find a problem, we will be here to take care of it for you.

Best General Contractor in Bulger PA

 Martin Contracting LLC is a building contractor located in Bulger PA, they specialize in custom homes, garages, pole buildings, and any commercial building project. Martin Contracting strives to give the customer what they want and need without any problems.

 If you want a custom home or garage or whatever, you have come to the right place because  Martin Contracting is the best home builder and roofing and siding expert you can find, they have accomplished many challenging jobs and have met them with ease, so I assure you whatever you want Martin Contracting will be able to do it.

 The services Martin Contracting offers, are custom homes, custom garages, custom pole buildings, roofing, and siding. They also do standing seam, exposed fastener, metal and asphalt shingles roofing, and they also specialize in dutch lap vinyl siding. 

 Areas We Serve

Ohio - Warren, Alliance, New Philadelphia, Cambridge, Marietta, and surrounding area.

Pennsylvania - Hermitage, Clarion, Indiana, Johnstown, Seven Springs, and surrounding area.

 Custom Homes

 Custom homes are hard to write about because they change with every buyer, the design will always be a little bit different, and Martin Contracting LLC specializes in making the building process a good experience and even if you want to change ideas in the middle of building, Martin Contracting LLC will meet it with ease.

 If you want an attached garage or an unattached garage, two kitchens, a guest room, play area, four bathrooms, wraparound porch, large windows, finished basement, walk in attic, whatever you want you got it dude.

 Custom Garages

 Garages are an important feature to your home because they will either make in look really terrible or really awesome, that is why it is important to go with someone who is an expert in the the field and I would say that Martin Contracting LLC are the experts in the field, they are so good at their jobs that like seriously if you ask them to build you an up-side-down garage they'll say " sure that's like an average Tuesday for us".

 Whatever you want if you want huge doors for maximum accessibility they'll do if you want an extra floor for guests they'll do that to, air conditioning, room for tree cars whatever you want Martin Contracting LLC will make it happen.

 Custom Pole Buildings 

 Do you not have any more room for your awesome projects of you just need more storage whatever the case may be Martin Contracting is the place to call because if you are building a monster truck and you need huge doors they will make it happen.

 If you are a welder you will need a 220 hookup in the garage if you are a mechanic you will need plumbing with a sink if you just want a place to tinker around in they can do whatever you want


Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

 Exposed metal roofing is a good choice because it is one of the cheaper roofing systems around because the sheets of metal are bigger so they do not have to buy so much material and the work goes much faster and the metal is thinner which make it easier to install

 Metal Shingles roofing

 With the look a real slat or shake this roofing system will dramatically increase the looks and appeal of your home. Martin Contracting LLC is so confident in their roofing system that this one has a 50 year transferable warranty, that's almost unheard of in the roofing industry.

 Standing Seam Metal Roofing

 Standing seam metal roofing is a good choice because it has no exposed fasteners which the seals of tend to get old and unseal causing water damage. This roofing system allows the roofing panels to flex with the temperature changes which means your fasteners will never break.

 Asphalt Shingles Roofing

 Shingles roofing is a good system because it is the cheapest one and it is relatively easy to install which means less expense and the usually can be applied very fast. This roofing system is also good because it looks really good and is priced really good for how long it lasts.

 Elite Rib Panel Roofing

 Martin Contracting was looking for a way to make a roofing system that was stronger then exposed fastener and less expensive then standing seam so they invented Elite rib panel roofing so you do not have to go with the most expensive or the cheapest. 

metal roofing

 If you need a new roof please consider one of the roofing systems mentioned before and we will do our best to make this process as painless as possible. Please get one of these roofing systems your life will be so much easier.


 Standard Vinyl Siding Options

 The siding is the most important part of the home you just built so why not go with the best and the strongest and the one that requires the least amount of maintenance, right? The standard series provides all that and more, with the standard series you will get lasting durability and tensile strength that will last for years to come

white siding double dutch lap

Decorative Siding Options

 If you really want your home to look the greatest in the neighborhood then I would go will the decorative series that bring the quality of your home up and the maintenance down. Also the insulation factor of the decorative series is above the rest because one of the siding types has insulation between the siding, so you know your getting a good deal.

triple dutch lap white siding

Soffit Siding Options

 The soffit series brings your home to a whole another level when it comes to looks and durability. If you want strength and beauty wrapped up in one package then this siding category is the one for you.

 If you found this post helpful in any way please comment down below and if you were interested in the stuff stated above please click on the links/buttons below to get more information on the services you are interested in.

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