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You Have Decided to Build Your Dream Home

You are about to begin the process of building a home.  You do your research, and you have found that Martin Contracting LLC is the contractor that you want to build your home.  So let's check out their website at and see what they have done.

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It's time to sit down with Martin Contracting LLC and let them know what you want your new home to look like, and what are the must have's.  Make a list so you don't forget what you really want.  You could put on your list, some of your wishes if they fit your budget

The List

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Let's start with the important things that you MUST have in your new home.  Everyone needs a Kitchen, so what kind of kitchen do you want.  Do you want one that is an open concept so that you can look out through the family room.  So when you are cooking you can still be part of the family.  Do you want an island so that you have a nice big work area to work from?  How about a Pantry?  Or maybe an eat in kitchen?  You know you definitely want a fireplace so on cold winter night you can have a fire and sit around watching a movie and eating popcorn.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom let's keep that on the first floor, so that when we get older we don't have to climb steps.  Of course we want separate walk in closets, and a big bathroom with a soaking tub, and a shower.  Can we say double sinks please?

Working from home?  

Home Office

You are working from home.  That's great.  This means a Home Office is a must have.  If your like me, you need a lot of storage, and bookcases.  So let's have that all built in.  Then you will know where everything is.

Laundry Room / Mud Room

Mud Room
Laundry Room

Your Laundry room needs to be on the main floor, maybe right off the kitchen in the Mud room.  This way your family can put there dirty clothes right in the hamper so that they can get washed.  Without tracking mud all through the house.  Maybe we can put a spot in there so that we can give the dog a bath, without putting the dog into the bathtub!  Not that's a great idea.

The Basement

This should be chosen when you have decided to build your home.  Does your lot allow for a walk out basement?  Or are you going to use your basement for a living area?  Maybe have a second kitchen with a large Family Game Room?  

Basement Kitchen

Since you will have a basement, this would be the perfect place to put your mechanical room.  Hot Water Heater, or On Demand Hot Water Heater.  Your furnace, and Electrical panel.

Basement Family Room

But you will have left over room, so let's turn it into a family room/game room!  Maybe let's add a bedroom and bathroom.



So as you see, we can customize your home for you.  All you need to do is sit down with us and let us know what you want in your home. 

We will do our best to accommodate all of your request, for building your dream home.  This is why we here at Martin Contracting LLC like to sit down with you, and then have plans drawn up.  If you change your mind that you don't like where something is, then we can change it.

Contact Us

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Please feel free to contact us either at our website or give us a call at                  (724) 307-5610  We provide Outstanding Products an unsurpassed service that, together we Deliver Premium value to our customers.

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