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Pole Building Turned into a House Near Bulgar PA

Custom Styling your Pole Building

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Pole barns homes are easier to build than a traditional home,  Why you ask?  A Pole Barn Hone does not have a basement, so no foundation.  Let's check in with Martin Contracting in Bulger PA

Looking for an alternative to a stick-built home or a modular home?  A Pole Barn Home my be the best fit for you.  Their are so many options out there with an affordable price and modern design.  Before you jump in an start building, it's really important to educate yourself on living in a pole building.

What Makes a Pole Barn Home different from a Conventional Home?

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As you may have guessed pole barns are traditionally an agriculture building.  They serve as an affordable building for farmers to store all of their equipment in.  However Pole Barn Homes are taking over.

The main difference between a Pole Barn and a Conventional Home, a Pole Building doesn't have a foundation.  A foundation is one of the biggest cost to building your home.

Technically most modern pole bars fall in the metal building category.  Fun Fact:  There are so many different options to choose from for colors.  These structures are easy to build, and their metal exterior makes them highly durable.  Pole Barn home look just like any other home, but they use Poles instead of a foundation.

The Benefits of a Pole Barn Home

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No load bearing walls.  Unlike a regular house pole barn homes have no load-bearing walls.  This means you can do just about anything you want with the interior of the home.  You're only limited by your imagination when it comes time to customize your home's interior.  This is why you need to sit down with Martin Contracting LLC so that they can help you.

Open Floor Plan

Pole barn homes have an open floor plan, and I do mean open.  You can design the inside of your home anyway that you want to.  Which makes them extremely versatile and easy to customize.  They also feel bigger and more open because of there are fewer interior walls. 

Cheaper to Build

The most obvious benefit to building a pole barn home is that it is far less expensive than a conventional home.  Pole barns require less material to build, they don't have a foundation which is costly.  

Inside Design

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You can choose where you want to put everything, and you can leave it as open as you want. Now let's talk about the steps in building your pole building.

Steps in Building a Pole Barn


The first step is to prepare the site for you building.  Start by clearing the are (if necessary) removing trees and anything that would prevent you from putting up your structure

At this stage you will want to lay all of the electrical connections as well as thee plumbing.  This means digging a well and putting in your septic in place.

Pouring the Slab

Pouring Concrete

The next step is to pour the concrete slab. The supporting beams must be in place first before you can pour the concrete slab.  Also if you are going to have radiant heat in your floors the tubing must be laid out.  Once your concrete has set, then we can move on.



The next step is to add the framing.  The framing will be attached to the poles that have been set.  At this stage, the pole barn framing is just like what you would find with a conventional home.  

Add the Siding & Roof


Next is the roof and siding.  Doing this is relatively simple and straight forward.  Pick the color of metal that you want and your done.

Once the siding and roof are in place, the exterior of the home will be nearly finished.  This is the step that your windows and doors will be installed.

Building the Interior Walls

Timber Framing

At this stage, the home is starting to come together and will develop quickly.  So be ready for things to go quickly here.

Final Stages

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The great thing about pole barns homes is that you can place the walls where you want.  Remember none of the  walls are load-bearing.  You will be able to make the rooms as big or as small as you want to.

The only thing to remember is that some of the walls will need to match up with the electrical and plumbing that you had previously plumbed up.

You will get to choose your flooring, and installing cabinets, and put in your bathroom fixtures.  Painting, and add any other finishing touches.

These are just basic steps in building your Pole Barn Home.  This is where Martin Contractors comes in handy to help you design what you want.

The Benefits of Hiring Martin Contractors

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  1. 1
    Will save you time from doing it yourself
  2. 2
    Experience is on Martin Contractors side
  3. 3
    Proper Planning & design
  4. 4
    Help choose materials and style
  5. 5
    Will help decide additional support when needed

Always remember you need to have proper planning in place so you know what you are getting into.  Martin Contracting LLC will help you through everything step by step.  They will make it an easy process for you, from choosing the size of building to the color of your metal siding to the color of your metal roof.

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