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Standard vinyl siding options

Siding isn't a small detail to be overlooked. We offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and profiles to elevate your exterior and truly make your house look and feel like a home.


tried and true Fashion #1 For A Reason 

Recognized as the #1 Siding Best Buy by a leading consumer-focused publication, HeartTech has also been our number one selling product for nearly 30 years. Why? Because we’ve engineered this .044" product to perform at its best utilizing our Super Polymer Formulation coupled with optimum rigid structural design.

Double 4"

.044" Siding Thickness

ht d4

Double 4" Dutch Lap

.044" Siding Thickness

ht dl

Double 5"

.044" Siding Thickness

ht d5

Double 5 Dutch Lap"

.044" Siding Thickness

ht d5 dl


High on value, low on maintenance

The long-lasting durability of .042" Willowbrook™ Super Polymer Siding means your home will keep its charm and value for years to come, with very little exterior maintenance required. Along with its delicate cedar woodgrain finish, Willowbrook is loaded with exceptional features and is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Double 4" Dutchlap

.042" Siding Thickness


Double 4"

.042" Siding Thickness


Double 4.5" Dutchlap

.042" Siding Thickness


Double 4.5"

.042" Siding Thickness


Double 5" Dutchlap

.042" Siding Thickness


Double 5" Dutchlap

.042" Siding Thickness

wd5 1


For Performance at a Value, Choose Ultra™

Ultra Super Polymer Siding is a beautiful way to help guard the investment you’ve made in your home. ProVia has engineered its Super Polymer Formulation into the Ultra panel to resist fading, cracking and thermal expansion and contraction, and backs it with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Double 4"

.040" Siding Thickness

ult d4

Double 4" Dutch lap

.040" Siding Thickness

ult d4 dd

Double 5" Dutch lap

.040" Siding Thickness

ult d5


Classic and reliable style and character

Our Traditional vinyl siding has a universal matte impression and matt finish. Our traditional siding is also wind tested to 192* mph It also includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

*Windload testing is based upon ASTM 5206 testing and the results are reported per ASTM 3679 section 5.11.

Single 8"

.046" Siding Thickness

trad 1 2

Super Polymer Vynil Siding

Made from our Super Polymer Formulation, ProVia’s Traditional white vinyl siding delivers high-quality durability and elegance at a great price.

  • Traditional matte impression
  • .046" vinyl thickness
  • Vinyl siding profile:  8-inch single lap
  • Available in white only

decorative siding options


Top of the line Super Polymer Insulated Siding

CedarMAX is an ASTM D7793 certified thermal cladding system that is recognized as a form of "continuous insulation," or insulation installed on the outside of your home that helps reduce energy loss. Integration of ProVia’s exclusive Super Polymer Formulation with rigid EPS foam insulation makes CedarMAX the perfect choice for exterior insulated vinyl siding for your home.

Double 6"

2.4 R-Value

c d6

Triple 4" Dutch Lap

2.8 R-Value

c t4

Single 7"

2.3 R-Value

c s7

Board N' Batten

2.2 R-Value

c bb

Cedar peaks™

Outstanding Performance and value

Cedar Peaks superior design and engineering provides proven dependability and performance. From its Patented Twister Lock and Cyclonic Locking System, Super Polymer Formulation, and low maintenance, Cedar Peaks is the choice of discriminating renovators and homeowners that want tried-and-true performance and classic architectural elegance.

Double 4.5"

.046" Siding Thickness

cp 45

Double 4.5" Dutch Lap

.046" Siding Thickness

cp dl 45

6.5" Beaded

.048" Siding Thickness

cp bead

8" Board 'n Batten

.05" Siding Thickness

cp bb


Incredible style without the hassle

Elegantly contoured scallop edges. The highly textured surface of cedar shakes siding gives the exterior of a home, a warm, natural look and outstanding durability. Now imagine the beauty of natural cedar without the constant upkeep

Single 6.5" Rough Sawn Shake 

tb 1

The authentic weathered look and rough-cut cedar-like texture of our 6.5" Seasoned Shake is surprisingly realistic from the curb or the front door.

Dual 6.5" Rough Sawn Shake

tb 2

Timberbay will not rot, split, shrink, absorb water or be destroyed by insects. And unlike wood shakes or ornamental rounds that must be stained or painted every 2-3 years, Timberbay maintains its original look and finish for years and years.

Single 9" Staggerd Shake

tb 3

Our Rough Sawn Shake is beautifully authentic. With a 9" staggered, rough-cut face, it has a remarkably realistic weathered finish and an installer-friendly single course profile and is available in eight rich colors.

Single 6.5" scallops

tb 42

Soffit siding options


Ventilation and beauty

Woodhaven Vinyl Soffit offers an innovative venting system that delivers durability & beauty.

Latex soft matte impression
Soffit profiles Triple 3 1/3-inch hidden vent and triple 3 1/3-inch solid soffit (not for use as vertical siding)
.044" vinyl thickness
AirCanal channel venting allows your home to breathe without sacrificing exterior appearance  
Dual channel stability
Color-Keeper™ Anti-Fade Protection keeps soffit looking like new for many years. 
Hidden vent and Solid
Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty
woodhaven triple hidden vent

Triple 3 1/3" Hidden Vent

woodhaven triple solid vent

Triple 3 1/3" Solid


Added Reinforcement

Our Beaded soffit and Wainscot give you extra strength with a sleek modern visual style.

Soft mill grain impression
.042" vinyl thickness
Soffit profiles:  Triple 1 ¾-inch (plus bead) hidden vent and triple 1 ¾-inch (plus bead) solid
AirCanal channel venting allows your home to breathe without sacrificing exterior appearance
Dual channel stability
Beaded reinforcement
Color-Keeper™ Anti-Fade Protection keeps soffit looking like new for many years.
Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty
beaded vent

Triple 1 3⁄4" (plus Bead) Solid

beaded solid

Triple 1 3⁄4"(plus Bead)Hidden Vent


Classic Designs

Our Universal soffit comes in ok different styles that all complement the look of any home.

Latex soft matte impression
.040" vinyl thickness
Soffit profiles (not for use as vertical siding):
Triple 4-inch center vent drilled
Triple 4-inch full vent drilled
Triple 4-inch solid
Double 5-inch solid
Double 5-inch full vent drilled
Drilled aeration
Controlled airflow design
Soffit profile can be used as vertical siding
Deep V-groove engineering
Color-Keeper™ Anti-Fade Protection
Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty
univers triple solid

Triple 4" Solid

univers triple full vent

Triple 4" Full Vent Drilled

univers triple center vent

Triple 4" Center Vent Drilled

univers double vent

Double 5" Full Vent Drilled

univers double solid

Double 5" Solid


Better ventilation technology

HeartTech vinyl soffits blend the classic look of wood with advanced engineering and durability.

Oak woodgrain impression for authentic wood look
Soffit profiles:  6-inch double full vent drilled and 6-inch double solid
.046” vinyl thickness
Drilled aeration
Controlled airflow design
Deep V-groove engineering
Color-Keeper™ Anti-Fade Protection
Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty
heartech double solid

Double 6" Full Vent Drilled

heartech double vented

Double 6" Solid

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